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FYA001 Highland Cow Greeting cardFYA002 - Highland cow on watercolour backgroundFYA003 Close up of Highland Cows face, greeting cardFYA004 - Sheep against a summer sky, greeting cardFYA005 - I can lick my nose you know. Greeting CardFYA006 - I can't lay while You're Watching, Chicken greeting cardFYA007 - British Longhorn CowFYA008 - British Longhorn cow greeting cardFYA009 Young British Longhorn Cow greeting cardFYA014 Love and Kisses aFYA013 Are you Looking at my bird aFYA011 Crazy cute lambs aFYA012 Little Lamb aFYA010 Roll in the Hay ? aFYA015 The fluffiest face aFYA001 food on my faceFYA004 Dillie the sheep enjoying the sunFYA002 Holly's Bad Hair DayFYA003 Just ChillinFYA005 i can touch my nose with my tongue