It is difficult to stress to companies and small businesses just how crucial your online presence is, so many businesses are now just online, with no physical high street shop, it means that your online look is more important than ever and with the massive rise in image use on social media and more and more blogs and websites appearing every single day, as a business owner, you need to ensure that you establish your online brand well and stand out on the internet. As we all know, great images are a fundamental part of that, the images that you share of your products and what you do on social media represent you and your business, it is one of the most powerful tools to help promote you and what you do/make/sell etc. So if you haven't invested in a Professional Photographer to help you promote your business yet, you should get in touch soon.

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Whether you want your products photographing on a white background, a black background, or lifestyle shots, we can help.

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It's true, when they say, that you only get one chance to make a great first impression and here at Alex Sharp Photography I will ensure that the images I capture for you do just that, I can supply product shots for your brochures, catalogues, web shop, posters and leaflets etc, but also supply you with a stock of imagery for your social media posts.

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It doesn't matter whether you run a product or service based business, we can work together to create images that show your brand off and help to entice the buyers in. Showing your customers exactly what you do, make or what services you offer just by looking at the images we produce. As most people buy into images online these days and a quick glance is all it takes for the potential buyer to stay on your website, read your Blog Post or quickly move on to the next.

14MM LINK 10.77CT web size14MM LINK 10.77CT web size Let's face it, if you click onto a website and the images are bad and you can't see products or services peoperly, you don't stay on the site, you move to the next one, and so if you own an actual shop, you wouldn’t expect to attract customers inside if the exterior had peeling paint or a broken window and no real identity of who you are and what you sell ?

Well that is how you need to think about your online presence  - it is your shop-front and so you need to keep changing the window display to show people you aren't letting it fall stagnant, but you love what you do and you have created a good looking, professional and inviting shop for them to want to come on in and visit.

I also have Flatlay photography Backgrounds that I can teach you to use so that you can continue to get some great extra photos of your products yourself, these photography backgrounds can be made to match your website too to help you keep your branding consistent.

     Jewellery photographerJewellery photographer     The images you share need to be consistent across your blog, website and other social media posts, so that people can see the standard of your work, product and service and when you are competing against so many other visuals you need to make sure yours is up there with the best. So many people buy their goods online these days that good product/service photography makes the difference between a sale or no sale.       jewellery photographer birmingahmjewellery photographer birmingahm

If you need a model this can also be organized. I photograph a range of different products, both at my studio and on location. I have been photographing jewellery for the last 15 years and so have plenty of experience with both high end jewellery and fashion jewellery as well as a variety of gemstones and the lighting required to get the most from the gemstone. Other products that I photograph haven ranged from cars and motorcycles to handbags, engineered parts, furniture, large machinery, soft toys and clothing to name a few. I photograph products for companies up and down the country, but I am based in Dodford, near Bromsgrove in Worcestershire.

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Whether you have a brief for me to work to, or whether you need me to give you some ideas about what would work best for your product, I can offer all kinds of creative solutions to help you get the best from your product to help you to achieve the best sales possible for your target audience.

Jewellery Photographer Birmingham Alex SharpJewellery Photographer Birmingham Alex Sharp   

I photograph products in the West Midlands and all over Worcestershire as well as traveling the country when necessary to photograph products in situ when they are too large/or expensive to be moved. If you would like to have a chat about your product photography requirements please call me on 07885472010 or email me: [email protected]

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If you have any questions or would just like to have a chat with me about your products and costs etc then please just give me a call and I will be able to give you a quote over the phone, you can call me on 07885472010.