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DBC001 Two Spaniels, greeting cardDBC002 - Beautiful Black Labrador greeting cardDBC003 Can we Drive today, greeting cardDBC004 Happy, Black Labrador greeting cardDBC005DBC006 - I'm Sorry, black spaniel greeting cardDBC007 - Are we going now black and white spaniel greeting cardDBC008 - Beautiful black Lab greeting cardDBC009 Labradorable aDBC010 Old but handsome aDBC011 Fancy going for a walk aDBC012 staring labs aDBC013 Raining you say aDBC014 SILVER FOX aDBC015 Look into my eyes aDBC016 Happy aDBC017 Sun on my face aDBC018 can i go to work now aDBC019 - fancy a cuddle aDBC020 feeling thoughtful a