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PSBC001 bang bangPSBC002 - Busy, pheasant shoot greeting cardPSBC003 - Can we go now - black labrador greeting cardPSBC004 Did you call - Spaniel greeting cardPSBC005 - Finished for the day, Greeting cardPSBC006 - Game Over, pheasant shoot greeting cardPSBC007 - Look what I found, working dog greeting card.PSBC008 - Mine, working dog with pheasant, greeting cardPSBC009 - Squashed Dogs, pheasant shoot greeting cardPSBC010 - They're out there, pheasant shoot greeting cardPSBC011 Spaniel greeting cardPSBC012 - standing proud greeting cardPSBC013 - Old Timer, black lab greeting cardPSBC014 - pheasant shoot greeting cardPSBC015 - Can we help, pheasant shoot greeting cardPSBC016 - Look what I found greeting CardPSBC017 - Daddy's Boy, labrador greting cardPSBC018- What pheasants, no I haven't seen a pheasant, greeting cardPSBC019 - End of the Day, greeting cardPSBC020 - Shotgun close up, greeting card