Frequently Asked Questions for Wedding Photography


  1. Can we meet you and see some more of your work before we book up?  Yes I like to meet couples before they book their wedding with me, it gives me a chance to show you some more of my work, some albums that I have done for other couples and really get to know exactly what you would like from your wedding photography, and of course gives you a proper opportunity to decide if I am the right photographer for you - THE most important thing - there is no pressure to book when you come and meet me, it's up to you, you can book if you wish, or you can go away and meet as many other photographers as you wish and then come back to me, whatever works for you.
  2. Do you do Wedding Albums - and do we need to order this before we get married or is one included in the price? I offer a variety of wedding albums at a variety of prices, they come in all shapes and sizes and with as many or few pages as you need, they are not included in my prices, they are extra and you do not pay for an album until you order one after the wedding, the payment for the album is made when you are happy with the layout and we place the order.
  3. How long do we need to wait before we get our photos after our wedding and how do you supply them to us ? Wedding photos are supplied on USB memory stick and also in an online password protected gallery for you to share with family and friends, during the summer months it can be 3 weeks after your wedding when you receive your photos, but the rest of the year it is usually just 2 weeks after your wedding date when you receive your images.
  4. How do we pay and are there payment options ? I prefer payments to be made via bank transfer, but if you need to pay by cash or cheque that is fine too. A deposit of £200 is required for your day and your outstanding balance is due 30 days before your wedding day, if you prefer to make monthly payments that is also fine, you just need to let me know when you have sent me some money and I will check that is has come through safely and also update your paperwork for you, so we have a written record too.
  5. What happens if we decide we need to book you for more hours, or our wedding time changes ? I never book anything else on a day that I photograph a wedding, so if the time of your wedding moves it's not a problem and right up until your actual day, if you decide on your wedding day that you don't want me to leave - say after your speeches you would like me to stay until the first dance - that's fine too, you can pay afterwards for the extra time. If your wedding is running late don't worry, I'm not going to just disappear at our agreed finish time, I'm going to come and have a chat to you about whatever is going on.
  6. Are you insured? Yes I have full public liability insurance.
  7. Do you photograph group shots? I ask you to write me a list of group shots and I also ask that is no more than around 15 photos long - although a lot of people don't want them or moan about them, by writing a list we get them done as quickly and efficiently as possible, I try and make them fun too for people, plus parents and family love having them to lok back on as weddings and funerals are often the only times we get all family members together. So by asking you to write the list it means we do the ones that are important to you.
  8. What happens if you fall ill ? If I fall ill - (which touch wood hasn't happened yet), but I have other photographers I know locally who would step in for me, we are all of the same stye of photography and it wouldn't be anything for you to have to worry about at all, I would make sure that another very experienced wedding photographer would step in for me.
  9. How long do we have after the wedding to decide if we want an album? There is no time limit, some couples wait a few weeks, others get pregnant, have families and ask me a few years later - there is no time limit, it's up to you, some people don't have an album done at all or they do their own.
  10. Do you bring an assistant? I only bring one if you pay for one or if you book me for the 10 hour day or have a wedding with more than 150 guests then you would need to book my assistant too.Otherwise it is just myself.