During Lockdown

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Lots of people I know have been wondering/asking what I have been up to during Lockdown.

Well apart from shopping for the older members of my family every week - who are isolated in their homes, I have - like many of you got some jobs done around the house and then of course worked on my business. As well as the weddings and horses and commercial photography work, I am also a greeting card publisher. You can see my cards at http://www.alexsharpdesigns.co.uk


set of 4 flower cardsset of 4 flower cards FC006 frontFC006 front

I have added a lot of new cards to the range as well as other products that are currently being manufactured to be ready for my next trade show at the NEC in September - the Autumn Fair is still going ahead. So I have put a lot of my efforts towards this whilst I have not been able to photograph the weddings I had booked in.

WL005 frontWL005 front XP001XP001

All of the photographs on my cards are of course my own, I do all of the design layouts for the reverse of the card too, there is quite a lot of work involved. Especially when you enter the trade show sector - which is how I meet shops to stock my cards. This means designing brochures etc as well as the stand itself, of course I love doing the greeting cards, there is something lovely about having people sending your cards out, often not even sending them, but keeping and framing them - I also sell prints on the website - amongst other things, but I love sending and receiving greeting cards - and it would seem  - thankfully, that so do thousands of other people.

IMG_6627IMG_6627 WT003WT003 WL003 frontWL003 front retriever cardretriever card

My cards cover a range of subjects from dogs and horse, to pheasant shoots, farmyard animals, travel, wildlife, flowers, landscapes and seascapes.

Horse greeting cardHorse greeting card horse coastershorse coasters Alex Sharp Photography Greeting cards 3Alex Sharp Photography Greeting cards 3 Alex Sharp Photography Greeting cards 4Alex Sharp Photography Greeting cards 4 black lab greeting cardblack lab greeting card Alex Sharp Photography Greeting cards 1Alex Sharp Photography Greeting cards 1 highland cow cardhighland cow card Alex Sharp Photography Greeting cards 2Alex Sharp Photography Greeting cards 2

I even have a range of cards of the wolves at the Wolf and Dog Development centre in Lerryn, Cornwall.

wolf card 3wolf card 3 wolf card 4wolf card 4

As well as selling them online through my own shop and Etsy shop, I also sell them through shops across Wales, England and Scotland, literally from John O'Groats, to Anglesey, Ireland, France and Germany. and during lockdown people have being buying my cards literally from all over the world.

If you would like to have a look and maybe buy one or two yourself, here's the link;


I hope you enjoy looking through the shop, all of my cards are printed in England by FSC approved printers.




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