How to Make your online store look fabulous :-)

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A lot of people have their own online shops these days, setting up your own business via the internet is becoming more and more popular as more people want to work for themselves and become their own boss and in charge of their own destiny - and who can blame you all :-)

Product photographer WorcestershireProduct photographer Worcestershire

There is plenty to think about when creating your own website, there is so much competition these days that you have to get your website looking good, with all of the correct information.


Then of course comes the images, whether you are selling a service or an actual product, you need good images. You also need to have a supply of images for banners and weekly offers, business cards, leaflets etc. This is so that you can update your page regularly and visitors wont keep seeing the same images each week when they come to your website to see what's new.

jewellery photographer warwickshirejewellery photographer warwickshire

When you have your products photographed think about whether you need them photographing on a white background as well as having them photographed in a more interesting way for your own website. Why on white? If you want to sell your products on ebay, NotOnTheHighStreet or Etsy for example they like to have white/pale backgrounds, where as this may be not what you want for your website. Something to think about when you're planning your website.

they're out therethey're out there   squashed dogssquashed dogs

Think about the colours you would like in the background and what will work with your website/brand/logo and whether you will want to change the colours with the times of the year.

jewellery photographer birmingahmjewellery photographer birmingahm You may also need photographs of yourself to put onto your about you page and onto your social media pages, think about how you would like people to see you. Maybe at work in your studio or office, or out and about actually working, they are all things to think about before we do a commercial photo shoot for you.

commercial photographycommercial photography If you would like to have a chat about your photography needs whether it is photos of your offices and workforce, factory or products then please call me on 07885472010 or email me [email protected]

Product photographer WarwickshireProduct photographer Warwickshire On Charge 16 webOn Charge 16 web



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