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What to do During the Summer Holidays with your Camera

August 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

So if you're off on your holidays over the summer with your camera there's plenty out there for you to photograph, apart from the big sweeping landscapes or cityscapes - depending on where you're going. Remember to look for the details too and try out some different angles, rather than shooting everything from your eye height, kneel down, or find something to stand on to get a different point of view  - sometimes in a city where a hotel just has walls of glass all the way up, why not jump in the lift to the top floor and get a birds eye city view looking down on all of the buildings, a city can look quite different when viewed from above.

A lot of cities even offer helicopter rides these days - giving you a great chance to get those views from above photos.

Don't forget the details too though, sometimes city signs and street signs can make great close ups.


On the other hand if you're going to the beach and the seaside don't forget the rock pools and sand dunes as well as the sunsets over the sea. Even on rainy days at the beach with a rough sea there are some amazing seascapes to capture.

All around you there will opportunities for interesting close ups for you to seek out, think about what you might do with your photos when you get back and try and shoot with this in mind, sometimes it can be nice to make a montage of small squares with lots of details of the place you have been, or are you going to take lots of photos of the same view and piece them all together.

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Enjoy the rest of the school holidays whatever you get up.





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