Photography Days

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I often get asked about training, I usually keep posts about training on my other site this is where all of my travel and wildlife photography is kept too - for those interested.

However if anybody is interested in a photography training day, they can either be 1 to 1 or if there are a few of you that's fine too, we can arrange a day to suit you and cover topics that are going to help you out the most. I offer general training days for people starting out with DSLRs and days to get you off auto too and using the manual settings to achieve better results with your camera.

Days or half days can be arranged at local parks, or walking through local woods etc I bring my laptop along so that you can see how your photos improve during the day and how using the different settings achieves different results, but wherever we go the day is about you using your camera out and about, not sitting in a classroom, but being outside and using your camera.

If you are interested in having a 1 to 1 training day, or maybe you a friend would like to both come along, just get in touch and we can have a chat about exactly what you would like to cover and where we can meet up. Why not learn how to get more from your camera before you go on holiday this year.

looking out to sealooking out to sealooking out from the king hussain II mosque to an oil tanker in the ocean.

I've traveled to over 100 countries and my travel and wildlife image are licensed through Getty images to magazines and websites and TV worldwide.             

Let 2017 be the year to start learning more about your camera. To book in call me on 07885472010 or email me



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