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I have been photography products for over 20 years now and the variety of product and lifestyle shoots that I have covered is tremendous. Product photography /commercial photography We all know that when we are shopping on the internet we buy with our eyes, so it makes sense for you to make your products look as good as possible, whether that means that we need to see several different angles of an item, whether you want to have lifestyle shots as well as your product on a plain background, however we can show you're product off to it's best is the key, so all options can be covered.

clasic car photography worcestershireclasic car photography worcestershire


The reality is though doesn't matter what your product is, if it doesn't look good on your website then people will move on to the next website and look for somewhere else to buy the product from.


I can photograph products on a variety of coloured backgrounds at my studio, or we can create a very specific look just for you. If you prefer we can photograph your products at your chosen location, pretty much anything is possible.

commercial photographycommercial photography

Whatever your product I will find a solution for you.

product photographer Cotswoldsproduct photographer Cotswolds

If you want products photographing at my studio I offer an hourly rate, half day or day rate, if you would like me on location then I offer half day and full day rates. If you have so many products - as many clients do that you may need me for a week or more then please speak to me about how many products you have etc. and we can work out pricing for you.


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As all of my clients will tell you, having good photographs of your products makes a huge difference to your sales. If you don't believe me - and them, then why not give me a try and see for yourself. I offer first time clients the opportunity to let me photograph a couple of their products for free so that they can see for themselves the difference it makes having professional commercial photography done - rather than getting your mate who's just bought a camera do it - or bad photos taken on a phone used on websites.

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I look forward to hearing what products you have for me to photograph. For a chat please call me on 07885472010.



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