Alex Sharp Photography: Blog en-us (C) Alex Sharp Photography (Alex Sharp Photography) Fri, 20 Oct 2017 18:33:00 GMT Fri, 20 Oct 2017 18:33:00 GMT Alex Sharp Photography: Blog 120 90 Portrait Vouchers for Horses, Dogs and Family Photo Shoots for Christmas Gifts I know I know who mentioned the "C" word..... but I have had it pointed out to me that it is just a couple of months away and so as my diary is filling up fast I thought I should throw it out there as I know a lot of you like to come to the studio and have family and pet portraits done for Christmas presents. I also know a lot of you like to give vouchers for portrait shoots as Christmas gifts.

Gift Vouchers are valid for 12 months and so if you give them as a Christmas gift I will give you a voucher that is valid for the whole of 2018.Gift vouchers can be for Family photo shoots, Pet Portraits and Equestrian Portraits, you can tailor them to fir whatever you would like to give the recipient, so you can just include a photo shoot and a couple of prints, or you can include a canvas or the USB memory stick with everything on, the choice is yours. Vouchers come gift wrapped ready to give to the recipient.

Family Portraits HartleburyFamily Portraits Hartlebury

Vouchers for studio photo shoots start from just £50, This includes a one hour photo shoot with an 8x6 inch print,

you also get a password protected online gallery to view all of your images at your leisure.


I also offer Equestrian vouchers, which make great gifts for the horse owners in your life.

If you decide you would like a photo shoot before Christmas, my next available Saturday is Saturday 28th October, but I only have two spaces left, I have a 12.30 slot and 1.45pm left, please drop me a line if you would like to book in.

I have another appointment at 12.15 on Saturday 25th November available, I have weekdays available too, but very few Saturday appointments left.

Have a Great weekend everybody. I have a wedding tomorrow, so I'm hoping the storm doesn't hit here too badly.

wedding photography worcestershirewedding photography worcestershire



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What to do During the Summer Holidays with your Camera So if you're off on your holidays over the summer with your camera there's plenty out there for you to photograph, apart from the big sweeping landscapes or cityscapes - depending on where you're going. Remember to look for the details too and try out some different angles, rather than shooting everything from your eye height, kneel down, or find something to stand on to get a different point of view  - sometimes in a city where a hotel just has walls of glass all the way up, why not jump in the lift to the top floor and get a birds eye city view looking down on all of the buildings, a city can look quite different when viewed from above.

A lot of cities even offer helicopter rides these days - giving you a great chance to get those views from above photos.

Don't forget the details too though, sometimes city signs and street signs can make great close ups.


On the other hand if you're going to the beach and the seaside don't forget the rock pools and sand dunes as well as the sunsets over the sea. Even on rainy days at the beach with a rough sea there are some amazing seascapes to capture.

All around you there will opportunities for interesting close ups for you to seek out, think about what you might do with your photos when you get back and try and shoot with this in mind, sometimes it can be nice to make a montage of small squares with lots of details of the place you have been, or are you going to take lots of photos of the same view and piece them all together.

Family Portraits HartleburyFamily Portraits Hartlebury

Enjoy the rest of the school holidays whatever you get up.




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Equestrian Photo Shoots for the Horse Lovers in your Life Equestrian Photographer Alex SharpEquestrian Photographer Alex Sharp

I've done some wonderful Equestrian photo shoots over the last couple of months, jumping about in between rain showers and storms and even getting soaked at times, I've managed to capture some great moments of people with their horses and the relationships they have.

Equestrian photographer WorcestershireEquestrian photographer Worcestershire

Equestrian weddings - One of my most very favourite things to photograph is a Beautiful Bride on her Magnificent Horse. This is Charlotte and the lovey Taz  riding to meet her Husband to be at Feckenham church a few weeks ago.

The rain did not dampen the marvellous spirit of the day.

Equestrian Photographer Alex SharpEquestrian Photographer Alex Sharp

From a photo shoot last week, Steph, her Mom and Sabre and Goody.

If you would like to have a photo shoot with your four legged friend or to buy a voucher for your loved one or as a gift for a friend, I supply beautifully wrapped vouchers for you to pass on to them,  you can get in touch with me by phone or email.

I travel all over the country photographing people and their horses.

Equestrian Portrait Photography by Alex Sharp.   Tel: 07885472010

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Pet Portraits around Worcestershire and the West Midlands If you have been trying to get some good photos of all of your kids and pets at the same time and not had much success, why not give me a shout.

Don't worry about how many kids or dogs we are trying to get in the photo - or just dogs, we'll work it out.

Alternatively you will find me at Countrywide the Stoke Prior store on Saturday 7th October, where I will be set up doing pet portraits, so you can come along with your dog - or dogs and have some portraits done with me there.

Pet portraits at my studio can last up to an hour - depending on how many dogs you have and how many backgrounds we use, or we can do some photos in the studio and some outside in the field if you like.

Below are a couple of shots of a German Short Haired Pointer, who sat very well in studio for me.

pet portraits worcestershirepet portraits worcestershire After your photo shoot we can put a montage of photos together for you as a canvas or framed print, or just your favourite picture as one large print or canvas.

If you would like to book your pet in for a portrait shoot either at my studio or if you would prefer that I come to you that is also possible, so please just give me a call and we can have a chat about exactly what you would like to get form your photo shoot,  you can contact me on 07885472010 or email me


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Equestrian Photography over the 2017 Summer Holidays Hello everybody, I hope you are all ready for the Summer holidays. I have had quite a few phone calls already to book in parents and children for equestrian photo shoots. If you would like to have a family portrait done with your kids and horses, or just your horses, please call me as soon as possible to book in. I come to where your horse or horses are and we can get some natural photos of you and your four legged friends.

The horse photographer Alex SharpThe horse photographer Alex Sharp

Your photos can be turned into canvases of all sizes, or a montage of images framed up, whatever you would like.

horse photographer worcestershirehorse photographer worcestershire

We can also do some fine art style images if you prefer, these do take slightly longer to set up, so we have to allow a bit more time.

Equestrian Photographer Alex Sharp copyEquestrian Photographer Alex Sharp copy

Equestrian portraits are always fun and we try and capture the true character of your horse.

It can often help to have an extra set of hands around - shaking some pony nuts in tub to get their attention and their ears forward always helps.

Everybody has their own idea of photos that they would like to try with their horse, so when you book in we can have a chat about exactly what we are trying to achieve and I'm sure we will get some amazing results, plus it's really good fun - and an excuse - if you need one - to spend more time with your four legged friend.

equestrian photographer warwickshireequestrian photographer warwickshire

So if you would like to spend some time getting some lovely photos with your horse, or horses and dogs too, please get in touch whilst we have some reasonable Summer weather and we'll get you booked in, you can call me on 07885472010 to book in and have a chat about what you would like.

equestrian photographer worcestershireequestrian photographer worcestershire

Equestrian Photography Worcestershire, Equestrian Photographer West Midlands, Equestrian photography Shropshire, Equestrian photography Hereford.

I travel all over the UK photographing horses for people, so just call and ask and we can chat about where you live and how many horses you have etc etc.


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Photography - so what's going on here this week? I often get asked what I am up to each week, so here is a small insight into what I have to do this week - just in case you don't think I'm not working hard enough ;-) I have a few weddings to finish editing from the last week. I also have 4 family photo shoots from Saturday to get edited and put online for people to be able to view. I have photos to order from last weeks families who saw me during the half term week.

equestrian photographer warwickshireequestrian photographer warwickshire

I have a full day on a fashion/jewellery shoot in Birmingham later this week, plus two other half day commercial shoots booked in, one jewellery and one a variety of products for their website. All of these shoots have to be checked and uploaded to their online galleries too of course, as well as meeting a wedding client on Friday to go through their timings and any changes, plus there is checking emails each day and replying to people as soon as I can. Sorting out vouchers for photo shoots for people as gifts - I have 3 equestrian gift vouchers to do this week. Then there are two more couples that want to meet me for wedding bookings for next year - yes wedding photography for 2018 is getting busy now we are half way through 2017....

It is a busy week, with my next wedding on Saturday and a whole host of photo shoots to do before then.

Product photographer WorcestershireProduct photographer Worcestershire

I will sign off for now, but if you would like to book in for a fun family photo shoot or an equestrian photo shoot or a wedding, commercial work or pet photo shoot, please just get in touch with me or call me on 07885472010, if I don't answer please leave me a message - with your phone number and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Have a great week everybody.

Product photographer WarwickshireProduct photographer Warwickshire




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Wedding Photography in Worcestershire and The West Midlands for 2018 and 2019 For those of you setting your Wedding dates for 2018 and 2019 I am now taking booking for both years.

Wedding Photography WorcestershireWedding Photography Worcestershire Wedding Photography at Crown and Sandys Ombersley

The above images were from Weddings I photographed at the Crown and Sandys in Ombersley last Summer.

wedding photography worcestershirewedding photography worcestershire This selection of wedding photographs are from a Grafton Manor Wedding, Red House Barns wedding photography and a garden marquee wedding down in Warwickshire.

Manor Hill House Wedding Photographer.

Manor Hill House is just 1.5 miles from my home and a lovely venue.

Bride and Groom outside pump rooms webBride and Groom outside pump rooms web The Pump Rooms Tenbury Wells Wedding Photography

wedding photographer Bromsgrovewedding photographer Bromsgrove Ettington Park Hotel Wedding Photography and the Bride on the left got married at Tanworth In Arden church

Arley arboretum wedding photographyArley arboretum wedding photography Arley Arboretum Wedding Photography

Arley Arboretum is an amazing place for your wedding, plus of course there are so many photography opportunities and lovely places for your guests to wonder around and enjoy.

Arley Arboretum has room for a magnificent marque out on the front lawns to accommodate a huge number of guests Arley Arboretum wedding photographyArley Arboretum wedding photography

Shustoke Barns is another amazing Wedding location shustoke barns wedding photographyshustoke barns wedding photography wedding photographer worcestershirewedding photographer worcestershire shustoke barns wedding photographershustoke barns wedding photographer

Brockencote Hall in Chaddesley Corbett - is also just 1 mile form my home and is another lovely wedding venue, I often photograph smaller more intimate weddings here, although I'm sure they cater for larger wedding parties too.

wedding photographer at brockencote hallwedding photographer at brockencote hall

Brockencote hall wedding  photographyBrockencote hall wedding photography wedding photograher brockencote hallwedding photograher brockencote hall Below was a wedding that I photographed last year at Catshill church and the reception was at The Nailers Arms pub in Bourneheath - once again just a mile or so form my home - so many local venues around here it's great.

wedding photographer Bromsgrove worcestershirewedding photographer Bromsgrove worcestershire                                  Below we have Wedding Photography at The Chateau Impney in Droitwich - another local venue

Chateau Impney wedding photographyChateau Impney wedding photography Wherever you are getting married, once you have set your date you should think about booking your photographer, there are a lot of wedding photographers to choose from - but there are a lot of things you should be asking your wedding photographer - I have listed some questions for you below......

wedding photography worcestershirewedding photography worcestershire


Questions to ask your photographer should include;

1. How many weddings have you previously photographed ? and How long have you been a wedding photographer ?

The reason is - if you are one of their first - or their first wedding then they will not understand how a wedding day flows, and they will not know what happens when and how important is it to be in the right place at the right place for when certain things are going to happen.

2. Do they have insurance - public liability insurance ?

A venue does not have to let e photographer work at their venue if they do not have public liability insurance - and it's amazing how many don't bother.....

3.How many cameras and lenses do they carry?

If a camera or lens breaks as the bride is walking back down the aisle or as they are about to kiss for the first time as man and wife - what then - i have spare everything in my bag around my shoulder - it's all turned on and ready to go - so when I had a lens break as a bride was walking down the aisle - I picked up my other camera and carried in like nothing had happened - she had no idea....

4. Can you see a portfolio of their work ?

If not why not? How many weddings have they really done?

5. What does the price actually include ?

Is it prints, a memory stick - a mixture? are images limited or do you get everything?

These are just a few questions that you should be asking, but even if these are the only ones you ask - make sure you do - and make sure that you are completely happy with your photographer before you book them - as they will be spending your wedding day with you.

wedding photographer grafton manorwedding photographer grafton manor One last montage - Wedding Photography at Grafton Manor in Bromsgrove.


If you would like to have a chat about your day or see some more of my work - or see a whole wedding in photos from start to finish - or several hundred :-) then please give me a call and remember that whatever questions you have that none of them are stupid or silly - I shoot weddings most weeks and I see and experience a lot - you may have been to friends weddings, but getting married yourself is very different so please don't worry about asking me any questions at all.

To call about your wedding photography : 07885472010 or email:




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Product Photography To Improve your Online Sales We all know that we buy with our eyes, if we see something that we love - and it looks lovely in the photograph we are far more likely to buy it than an image that doesn't look good. It doesn't matter what the product is, if it looks bad in the photo and we can't see it properly we will go to a website where we can view it properly - how many times have you looked on a website and seen the box where the image should be and the words in the box read "image coming soon" - and how many times have you bought the product anyway???? Well if you're like me you wont have done - you will go to the next website on the list where you can see the product and hopefully the image wont be a shoddy library or stock image it will show me the product from several angles and I will almost feel like I can feel it myself..... isn't that what good photography is all about ? Making your potential buyers feel like they are right there next to the product experiencing it as though they were in a shop alongside it?

Jewellery Photography BirminghamJewellery Photography Birmingham I buy more products online nowadays than I do by actually visiting the shops......

If I go to a website with bad photography I don't stay there, I look elsewhere. These silver lockets with Swarovski crystals are by Encanto Jewellery - lovely products and you can choose the charms that go inside them - meaning that from all of the charms they have you can make yours special to the person you are giving it to.

I photograph a lot of jewellery for local and not so local jewellers. Items can be couriered to me if necessary to be photographed.

Jewellery photographer BirminghamJewellery photographer Birmingham Whether you are looking for a natural background, a white background or a selection of different shots for different uses.

Jewellery photography bromsgroveJewellery photography bromsgrove White backgrounds can be useful if you are putting a catalogue together, or need a pale background for putting items for sale on Etsy, Not on the high street, Amazon or Ebay.

jewellery photographer Kidderminsterjewellery photographer Kidderminster Sometimes it's nice to have a close up of your product as well as an overall view - it helps to give the buyer an idea of what the fabric is like that the product is made from.

product photography worcestershireproduct photography worcestershire product photographer worcestershireproduct photographer worcestershire The point is, that whatever you are selling if your product doesn't look as good as another website selling a similar product to you - then we all know that people will go to the competition to purchase the product. another thing that can help your SEO massively too is to name your photos with relevant product names when you upload them to your website as this helps Google when  your client types in what they are searching for.

On Charge 16 webOn Charge 16 web If you are able to have several photos on your online shop why not show a mixture of angles and close ups and of the product actually being used or worn if possible, this really helps the viewer get a feel of how it will look when they are using or wearing it.

On charge 011 webOn charge 011 web It helps buyers imagine how it would look in their home.

Home is where 2 web copyHome is where 2 web copy

There is a huge amount that can be achieved with some thought to help potential clients decide that they want t buy form your website, but if you don't show your product off to it's full potential then it can't happen. Photos are also great to use in blogs and on instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms, when I shoot for my clients we make sure that we get product photography that will cover all of these outlets for them.

Product Photography WorcestershireProduct Photography Worcestershire

Whatever your product is and whatever you need your product photographs for - catalogues, social media, your website etc why not give me a call and we can have a chat about how you would like them done and what will work best for you.

Tel: 07885472010 or email me at



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Photography Experience Day in Stratford Upon Avon on Friday 16th June 2017 On Friday 16th June, I am running a Photography Experience Half Day in Stratford Upon Avon.

This is to help people who may be going away over the summer to help to get to grips with their camera a bit more before they go off on their holidays. Don't put it off, this is a fun way to learn how to get more from your camera with other like minded people - I also have a policy that no question is stupid, so whatever you need to ask no matter how daft you think it is you can feel comfortable asking nobody will laugh - they may smile a bit :-) but it's probably just a question that somebody else was worried about asking, it's fun and friendly and you will learn something new.

The session will run from 10am until 1pm (3hrs)  when we are finished you can stay in Stratford for as long as you wish to practice what you have learnt during the session.

I will have my laptop with me, so that we can review your images before the end of the session, it always helps to see images on a larger screen and share peoples thoughts and ideas. I will give you notes about everything that we cover during the session so that you can take them away and remember what we have discussed and practice what we have covered.

The 3hr session costs £50 per person and needs at least 2 people for it to run, there will be a maximum of 6 people able to attend.

We will cover Framing/composition and the rule of thirds, Aperture, ISO and shutter speeds, we will also look at the settings your cameras have and when they are useful and depending on what level you are at and what you would like to achieve, we will move you on to shooting in manual mode (depends on camera type too of course).

You need to bring your own camera and any lenses that you like to use and you also need to dress appropriately for the weather, comfy shoes and maybe an extra layer if it is chilly  - or if it is quite sunny - please don't forget to wear sunscreen.

Once you have booked in I will email more details over to you.

To book your place please email me: and we can get you booked in.


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Tips for your Wedding Day I often get asked by couples  - is there anything they especially need to think about or do on their wedding day for me - Apart from telling them to just relax and enjoy of course there are things that I say to do....

It's easy to say relax to people as it's such a Big Day - you have spent a long time saving up and a lot of time planning your perfect day - but the fact that you have spent time planning means that you then need to relax and let all of the people that you have employed for your Wedding Day get on and do their jobs and you need to relax and not worry about any of it - honestly - you need to enjoy.

Let the moments during the day consume you with all of the excitement and fun that they should.

On a more practical note - Brides and Bridesmaids - don't race up the aisle - a slow and steady pace is what suits the occasion - let people see you in your stunning outfits - enjoy all the smiles that are coming your way - let people take the moment to see you in your dress and this also gives you time to look at peoples faces as you walk up the aisle - rather than a big blur and have no idea who is there waving you on.

Arley wedding photographyArley wedding photography The day goes by very quickly - one minute you're getting ready - the next you're married and leaving the church, so remember to step back every so often and take the moments in, to look around at all of the friends and family who have turned out to your Big Day to celebrate with you and absorb the smiles and hugs.

155155 Don't worry about the weather - it is after all the one thing that is out of our control, most venues have places where photos can be done inside and out, and spaces where guests can be inside or out and whatever the weather your guests and you will still have a wonderful day, so don't let this spoil your day - embrace whatever is thrown at you - glorious sunshine or thunder - it will still be a beautiful day, because it will :-)

wedding photography stourport manor hotelwedding photography stourport manor hotel Write a group shot list of the formal photos that you would like the photographer to do for you, there may only be 5 - there may be 10 - but it means on the actual day you do not have to worry about what Group photographs you would like, as you have already done a list ;-)  - this is one less thing to have to think about on your day.

wedding photographer Bromsgrovewedding photographer Bromsgrove

Lastly, the one thing I do say to people is don't get so drunk that you don't even make it to the end of your Wedding Day celebrations, it would be a terrible shame to not see the end of the Day, when you have spent so much time, energy and planning for such an important day of your life.

wedding photography worcestershirewedding photography worcestershire

I wish all couples getting married this year a wonderful Wedding Day.

If you are getting married next year and would like to talk to me about your Wedding day, then please just call or email and I'll check my availability.


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Photography Tips for April and The Easter Holidays The Easter holidays are upon us and kids are off school and the weather appears to be staying good for us, so when you are taking the kids off out for the day don't forget to take your camera with you. A lot of people just take pictures with their phones and whilst that's fine, if you want to blow a photo up into a larger canvas you will need the image to be better quality, so blow the dust from your camera and take it along with you.

12x8inch print12x8inch print

Whether you're going for a walk in the woods, to the park or away on holiday somewhere make sure your batteries are charged and that there is a memory card in the camera ready to go.

If your kids are still young and so not as tall as you yet then get down to their level when you take the photograph, don't look down at them, you'll just see the top of their head and when you're down at their eye level they may perform better for you and the camera too. Small children especially will notice their reflection in the lens and look straight at the camera often.

family portraits worcestershirefamily portraits worcestershire Check your lens for sticky fingerprints too - just in case it was the kids that got hold of the camera last before you put it away !

family portraits west midlandsfamily portraits west midlands Make them smile, tell them jokes or funny stories - or ask them if they know any jokes - kids always know jokes and laugh out loud at them too, brilliant for getting natural smiley faces.

family portraits bromsgrovefamily portraits bromsgrove

Try a different angle, walking through the woods, watching them walk away makes you think about the adventure they are setting off on. All the fun there is to have in the woods, jumping around, throwing leaves in the air, jumping out from behind trees - climbing trees, going to the woods costs very little - just the cost of the journey there - take a picnic maybe - there are great photos to be had, create your own memorable moments - and capture them - and print them ;-) 061061 How much fun can you have this Easter?

If you would like me to meet you at the woods and capture some of the fun moments for you, please give me a call 07885472010


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Equestrian Photography around Worcestershire and the West Midlands Horse photographer worcestershireHorse photographer worcestershire

Horses are just starting to lose their winter coats now and over the next month or so they will all start to look stunning again as rugs are removed and the sun starts to show us it's face.  When I photograph you and your horse there are many options, but I come out to you and your horse - or horses at your yard, field or stable and we can take a selection of photos of both you and your horse in a natural way and also some photographs of you riding if you like or if you prefer we can do more fine art style photos on a coloured or black background.

Don't worry if your horse is worried/spooked by the backgrounds, I work around your horse and we make sure that your horse is happy and comfortable with everything that we do, so if they don't like a new background appearing, then I find another way of achieving the same result for you.

equestrian photographer Bromsgroveequestrian photographer Bromsgrove

So whatever type of images you would like to achieve we will try our very best - and if you book in and the weather isn't with us, then don't worry we just move the shoot to another convenient day.

horse photographerhorse photographer

If you would like to book in or buy a gift voucher for a friend or loved one then get in touch. Gift vouchers make great and different gifts for the horsey lovers in your life.

Tel:07885472010 or Email:

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Wedding Photography in Bromsgrove 2017/2018 I have been photographing weddings for over 10 years now. I am a full time photographer and have photographed nearly 500 weddings.  I shoot a lot of weddings around the Bromsgrove and Worcestershire area and within just a few miles of my home I have some amazing wedding venues including Grafton Manor Hotel, Dodford Church, Chaddesley Corbett Church, Brockencote Manor, Manor Hill House, the Holiday Inn, The Chateau Impney and Red House Barns -  all of these venues are within just a few minutes of me which is fabulous.

wedding photographer Bromsgrove worcestershirewedding photographer Bromsgrove worcestershire

If you are getting married in the Worcestershire area and have your date set for 2018 then why not call for a chat.

You can get hold of me on 07885472010 or email me to see if your date is free -


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wedding photography 2018 and 2019 I am now taking bookings for weddings for 2018 and 2019, I already have the popular summer dates booked up for next year, so as soon as you have your date booked in with your chosen venue you need to get booking everything else - especially your photographer.

wedding photographer chateau impneywedding photographer chateau impney Wherever you are getting married there are things that you need to ask a photographer before you book them;

are they insured ?

Do they have more than one camera ?

How many wedding shave they photographed ?

wedding photographer Bromsgrovewedding photographer Bromsgrove Ask if you can see a whole wedding or two that they have photographed ?

Are there albums of theirs that you can see ?

Do they have an assistant or do they work alone ?

What happens if they are ill ?

wedding photography worcestershirewedding photography worcestershire Do they stay if your day is running late ?

How many photos do you get and what does the price include?

These are just a few questions you should be asking your photographer - and whilst you're sat chatting to them ask yourself this -

Do I want to have this photographer at my wedding day - is this somebody that is going to understand and capture the special moments from my day without getting in the way of my day and without upsetting my guests ?

Is  this really the photographer for me ?

There are many questions to ask others and ask yourself when you are planning your special day, don't book somebody because they push you into it, book somebody because you like their work and you like them.....

If you would like to have a chat please just get in touch, I wont try and persuade you to book me, I let you make your own decision once we have met, it's your day and your choice.

Please feel free to call or email with any questions that you may have, 07885472010 or email


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Product Photography and Jewellery Photography in Worcestershire and the West Midlands Product photographer BromsgroveProduct photographer Bromsgrove

Make your products look beautiful and help to increase your sales on your website and with your brochures and leaflets by ensuring that you have great photography that does your products the justice they deserve.

jewellery photographer birmingahmjewellery photographer birmingahm Whether you need shots on plain backgrounds or textured more interesting backgrounds to add an extra element of interest to your images we can achieve a variety of results both in studio and using various outside locations that we have available.


If you need me to come to you and shoot your products in situ then that's fine too, I travel all over the country - especially when it's very large furniture or cars and machinery, I also photograph people at work in their working environment, which makes for great photos for company websites to let your clients see how your company actually looks and works and how fabulous it is.

The images that I supply are also great to use on blogs and other social media sites to keep people up to date with what you are are doing as a company - what your latest products are and any changes you may be making. More people look at photos than actually read the blurb alongside, however if the image catches their eye - then they are more inclined to read an article next to the photograph.


Whatever your products we can help you, whether you already have an idea of how you want them photographed or whether you need some help with ideas, I offer a test shoot to help throw some ideas around for you and see what works and what suits your website and company look. For more information please call 07885472010 or email

commercial photography Kidderminstercommercial photography Kidderminster

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The Photography Show Birmingham NEC 2017 So this morning I popped to the Photography Show at the NEC in Birmingham, really I have nothing exciting to report - although i did have a little play with the new mirrorless Hassleblad - to say it's a truly lovely camera is a huge understatement. They are very well made and so as well as making it easy to take great photos they are very pleasing on the eye :-)

The Hasselblad mirorless camera - swooning aside -

For anybody interested - I attach a link to a review - above. More lenses are now available for it too. Of course it is a medium format camera - I would love one for my landscapes and travel photography, but I have to confess I love my Canon kit too much to swop - as I can't justify having both.......

I also found a couple of new album suppliers, but on the whole it seemed to lack as many exhibitors then previous years. I think today was student day :-)

I also purchased a new camera bag for when I'm out shooting weddings - half price - always good to get a good deal :-) 


I was only there a couple of hours as my Mac was calling me back to work - I also had a lovely chat with Steve on the Zenfolio stand - the folk who I have my website through... very helpful chap and I am a huge Zenfolio fan and his hints and tips will help me make some great changes to my site over the next few weeks.


I think that just about sums up my Photography Show experience. So whilst I didn't get to see a couple of companies i specifically went to see, I did get to meet some other lovely folk and gain some new Zenfolio knowledge, which is always great.

More Blogs will follow soon, about photo courses, general teaching etc.

In the meantime if you have any questions please just get in touch

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Photo Training for Instagram in April I have been asked by a couple of people if I can teach them how to take better photos for Instagram.

So in April I will be running a half day course for people who want to take better shots for Instagram.

watch this space for more details, but it isn't a Learn how to use your camera day, this is purely going to be about how to achieve better results for Instagram - whatever camera you are using - and so for a lot of people that will probably be your phone, and so that is all you will need to bring along with you. There will be a maximum of 3 people and whatever you use Instagram for, product shots or whatever I will make sure that by the end of the session you know how to get great results every time.

If you are interested in putting your name down, please drop me an email to and I will add you to the list once I have dates organised. The sessions will be done from my home in Bromsgrove - not my studio as that way we can't cheat by using my studio lights - everything will be done with natural light - which is what you have at home :-)


The idea is to teach you how to use props and what you naturally have around you to achieve great results every time without having to rush out and buy things.

watch this space for more details. wedding flowers


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Wedding Photography For 2017 Well as we start to get towards the end of February I can say that I literally only have a couple of Saturdays free for weddings for 2017. I still have some weekday availability, but Saturdays have booked up very quickly and so I have Saturday 26th August left free and Saturday 2nd & 30th September during the Summer months, these are currently my only summer Saturdays available and I'm sure they wont be available for long. Winter Saturdays are also booking up fast, November 2017 is full for weekends completely and I have Saturday 7th and 14th free in October. If you have a weekday or Sunday wedding please drop me an email with your date.


wedding photographer chateau impneywedding photographer chateau impney


           Wedding dates for next year are also booking up fast, I already have quite a few dates in the diary for 2018, so please don't leave it until the last minute to book your photographer, I have a lot of requests still coming in for July and May this year, please do not leave it until a couple of months before to book your wedding photographer, you stand little chance of getting the photographer that you want at such short notice. Your photographer is there to capture the magical moments of your special day, make sure you get the one that you want and book in early.

You can email me your wedding date through the contact form or give me a call on 07885472010.

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How to Make your online store look fabulous :-) A lot of people have their own online shops these days, setting up your own business via the internet is becoming more and more popular as more people want to work for themselves and become their own boss and in charge of their own destiny - and who can blame you all :-)

There is plenty to think about when creating your own website, there is so much competition these days that you have to get your website looking good, with all of the correct information.


Then of course comes the images, whether you are selling a service or an actual product, you need good images. You also need to have a supply of images for banners and weekly offers, business cards, leaflets etc. This is so that you can update your page regularly and visitors wont keep seeing the same images each week when they come to your website to see what's new.

jewellery photographer warwickshirejewellery photographer warwickshire

When you have your products photographed think about whether you need them photographing on a white background as well as having them photographed in a more interesting way for your own website. Why on white? If you want to sell your products on ebay, NotOnTheHighStreet or Etsy for example they like to have white/pale backgrounds, where as this may be not what you want for your website. Something to think about when you're planning your website.

jewellery photography worcestershirejewellery photography worcestershire Think about the colours you would like in the background and what will work with your website/brand/logo and whether you will want to change the colours with the times of the year.

jewellery photographer birmingahmjewellery photographer birmingahm You may also need photographs of yourself to put onto your about you page and onto your social media pages, think about how you would like people to see you. Maybe at work in your studio or office, or out and about actually working, they are all things to thinka botu before we do a commercial photo shoot for you.

010010 If you would like to have a chat about your photography needs whether it is photos of your offices and workforce, factory or products then please call me on 07885472010 or email me


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Half Term Days Out - Arley Arboretum, Avoncroft museum plus of course Don't Forget your local park Half Term will soon be upon us, so here are some ideas for great days out with the kids and the dog if you have one.

Arley Arboretum is dog friendly and has plenty of space for the kids to run around.

If you click on their February Half term pic you will see  all of the fabulous activities that they have going on this half term - and best of all - kids go free .... KIDS GO FREE* into the Arboretum & Gardens every day during half-term Monday 20th - Friday 24th February.

Check out their website for full details, but it makes a great day out with lots going on to keep the kids entertained.

wedding photographer bromsgrovewedding photographer bromsgrove

Arley Arboretum is also a fabulous wedding venue.

Avoncroft Museum is another great place for a day out check out their website for everything that's going on there over half term.

A great place with so much to see and do, plus coffee shop and souvenir shop. They have a craft and create week over half term - you may need to book the kids in for these though before hand as they are bound to be popular....

Avoncroft museum - is another wonderful wedding venue.

Don't forget of course your local parks and don't forget your camera, it's great to get photos of the kids running round outside having fun with the dog or their favourite bike or football.

If you would like to book a session over half term I can meet you at a local park and get some family photos of you all, action photos can be great fun, I have a few slots left during half term week, I come to the local park, spend an hour with you and the price includes two 12x8 inch prints of your choice for £75. Call or email for availability, 07885472010 or

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